Create custom smtp,x400,x500 record

Continue from earlier post on ‘ADMT to Migrate User Account’ and ‘Create Exchange Connector (inter-forest)’. when you are done with users migration and if your organization use MS exchange server and mailboxes are not fully migrated over to the new exchange (assume, you cant afford downtime’ thus co-existence of both the exchange systems are required). here you need to map the smtp address between the old and new exchange server (assume your new exchange system in the separate  forest) so that incoming emails can reach to the destination exchange mailbox server.

Move mailbox from old server to new:
Exchange 2010 Shell command.
[PS] C:\Windows\system32>$RemoteCredentials=Get-Credential (eg. olddomain\administrator)

[PS] New-MoveRequest -Identity -RemoteLegacy -TargetDatabase MY-EXCHDB -RemoteGlobalCatalog ‘’ -RemoteCredential $RemoteCredentials -TargetDeliveryDomain newdomain.local

Following are the instant output from above command if the command executes successfully.

DisplayName               Status                    TotalMailboxSize                   TotalArchiveSize         PercentComplete

———–                               ——                    —————-                      —————-         —————

Username                            Queued              7.805 GB (8,380,451,88…                          0

From old MS exchange server (Source exchange 2003) Active directory (AD) users and computers.

Now from new exchange 2010 server (target server) ‘Exchange Management Console’ — ‘Recipient Configuration’ — ‘Mailbox’ select the particular user (mailbox). (Note: X400 / x500 address must match between source and destination email server).



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