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Shared mailbox feature is useful where you are supporting multiple company’s email address with different domain names for a single user. He/She might have a default email account (username) to login to the workstation and manage to change password from windows but often it is difficult to enforce password change policy over the additional email accounts (specially for outlook anywhere users). therefore, converting existing additional mailboxes to ‘shared type’ solved the password change or expiry issues and ex-staffs mailbox shared by the respective managers. On the other hand; it  also poses other issues where user wants to add this additional email accounts to their mobile devices (active sync devices). Thus far, ActiveSync device doesn’t support shared mailbox. Other minor issues are: outlook email signature (doesn’t auto add the signature when from address changes), need to apply patch to outlook for sent item to move their respective sent item folder.

Creation of share type mailbox is pretty simple; it is same steps as creating a new account; just select the mailbox type as ‘Shared’ while creating.  You need to use exchange management shell command to convert existing mailbox to shared mailbox.

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>set-mailbox –Type Shared
(for undo: [PS] C:\Windows\system32>set-mailbox –Type Regular)
No impact on email contents due to the conversion or revert.

After you convert to the shared mailbox you need to assign permissions (Manage Send As & Manage FUll access) to your primary account to access the shared mailbox.

Now Outlook (2007/2010) will auto add this account for you.

Add shared mailbox to From (need to add once).

Check shared mailbox from Web-Mail.
(add this account clicking on little down arrow on right top corner of the window)

Alternatively; add your target email address end of the web-mail url as shown below:


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