Clear ARP entries from various devices

From Cisco Switches / Firewall (ASA) / Switches:

To see the arp table:
#show arp

To clear the arp table:
#clear arp

To clear selective entry:
#clear ip arp IPAddress
eg. clear ip arp


c:\> arp -a (display arp table cache)
C:\> arp -d (delete arp table cache)


Display arp table:
#arp -e (arp -a, arp -n etc)

Add Static Arp Entry
# arp -i eth0 -s 00:bb:23:11:13:fc  (ifconfig will show you the prticular mac address from the network adapter)

Selectively delete arp cache
#arp -d hostname
#arp -d

Removing arp cache from particular network adapter:
#arp -i eth1 -d

Flush arp entry for host
# ip neigh flush

Flush arp entry for all hosts in network
# ip neigh flush

Flush all arp entries:
# ip neigh flush all

Mac OS X:
$ sudo arp -a -d (no need sudo if you are login as root)


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