Troubleshoot NetAPP connectivity issues

Few tips to troubleshoot connectivity issues: (this page will enrich later)

1.NFS Troubleshooting
Problem: Hostname-to-IP Resolution
ƒCannot resolve hostnames to IP addresses
– Look at:
ƒ nsswitch.conf
ƒ hosts file
ƒ resolv.conf

Stale NFS File Handle
Error code 70: Stale file handle

ƒResolution tips:
– Check connectivity to the storage system

– Check mountpoint
– Check client vfstab or fstab as relevant
– Check showmount –e filerx from client
– Check exportfs from command line of the
storage system
– Check storage system /etc/exports file

For stale file handle number = 20, an opened file or directory has been destroyed or re-created. You can
resolve the problem by unmounting and remounting the file system.

Problem: No Space Left on Disk
No space left on disk error
ƒ What would you do?
ƒ Resolution tips:
– Check df for available disk space
– Check for Snapshot™ copy overruns
– Check quota report for exceeded quotas

3. CIFS Common Troubleshooting

Problem: DC Connectivity
ƒ Problem: Communication from storage
system to domain controller fails or trust
across multiple domains fails
– Perform the following steps:
a) system> cifs domaininfo
– This provides information about domain and known
domain controllers
b) Set the following option on:
system> options cifs.trace_dc_connection on
When this option is on, the storage system logs all DC address discovery and connection activities.
ƒ c) system> cifs resetdc
This command tells the storage system to disconnect from the domain controller and then establish a new
CIFS connection with the DC.

Clients communication problem:
Check the following:
system> ifstat
system> netdiag
system> ping


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