IT pro Ethics (short)

Essence of ethical issues in different culture may vary but fundamental values remain regardless of any social and cultural differences.

Such as stealing, confidential information; eg. Trade secret or disclose privacy of certain individual remain unethical; again stealing someone’s money will not be considering as ethical for any culture.

Another example: taking bribe may serious offence in some cultures but other may accept it in a certain degree as a way of life.

When we decide what is ethical and what is not then one has to think out of the box and without partiality (free mind from bias).

In our corporate world; it is very important that employee and employer understand ethics completely. When employee and employer act per their proper understanding then there will be not many issues.

Data privacy:

Information technology professional should work with ethics such as when they audit employee’s data (local / network drive) for possible misuses; he/she needs to protect individual privacy and not to use such information for personal gain.

Monitoring network traffic (user activity):

When IT professional monitor users traffic for possible misuse or threat (Viruses, hackers and terrorist attacks), he/she has to ensure all these are done for the good and keep network and IT assets safe.

It is unethical to monitoring users activities for defame and disclose individual confidentiality and pretext for govern and controls or for the personal gain. Privacy and freedom of users must be preserved.


It is not ethical to overcharge client or justify some expense sake for unreasonable profit margin rather appropriated cost justification. Many times users (clients) has no choice but to engage particular IT professional to do certain task; hence IT pro should play ethically for this type of circumstance.

IT pro should spend unjustifiable amount of time to fix issue that can be solve within short time despite customer pay as a number of hours worked.

In general; recent economic crisis is the result of unethical greedy behavior of the major financial organizations cause collapse of world economy and suffering for many people.

It is unethical when anyone act as an immorally like when doctor sees patient for only money, ignoring best possible cure and care.., hospitals are racing to make huge profit without concern for better care.

Produce fake products for money eg. tainted milk, fake medicine and fake academic degree etc

Employer cut benefits and even salaries of employees, increase working hours and unjustifiable demand with do more with less (sometimes; do more with nothingJ) etc.


There are countless unethical events we see our everyday life. When making profit becomes the most important aspect of business, morals, principles and ethics usually go overboard. For company or individual profitability is a major concern than act ethically. Many people see ethics as a luxury. When time is good may practice certain ethics else otherwise. Ethics are not wining most of the time when it races with profit.


About Robiul

Robiul has 15 years of continuous successful career experience in ICT with extensive background in System Engineering, IT infrastructure design, operations and service delivery, managing IT projects / MIS functions for local and multi-national companies with in-depth knowledge of multiple operating systems as well as construct / manage small to medium size Data Center. Proven ability to design and implement medium to semi-large scale LAN/WAN/WLAN and system infrastructures. Academic qualification: Master of Science in Information Systems. Professional certifications are: MCSE, CCNA, ITIL and FoundStone Security Professional, VCP, NetAPP, CISSP etc.
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