Keeping user old domain profile

When existing domain users join to a new domain or another domain (eg. your organization decided to create new domain or merge users with other organization and thus users need to be join to another domain) their PC profile changed. We may face situation where user prefer to keep their old PC profile.

Following steps are easy way to keep the old domain profile when you join a new domain.
(Note: ensure you know your PC local admin password or reset a new password before you disjoined from existing domain)

  1. Log into the machine as an administrator (domain or local)
  2. Take note of the current profile, profile that you want to keep (eg. c:\>documents and settings\username OR C:\Users\yourloginname)
  3. Disjoin from current domain (workgroup); you may end-up with temp profile for new domain if you directly join to new domain from your existing domain profile.
  4. Join to the new domain (enter new domain administrator username and password or user account with domain join right).
  5. Restart the computer (does not remove the old domain profile)
  6. User needs to log in under their new domain account then log off.  (a new domain profile will be created)
  7. Log on as Administrator of the new domain and add the domain user to the local administrators group (if required).
  8. Click on Windows Start button-> Run, type regedit in the command line and click OK).
    Navigate to following registry path.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES\OFTWARE\MicrosoftWindows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

    Notice keys starting with S-1-5- etc.  and you will see these are the profiles stored on your PC.  Look for the ‘Profileimagepath’ line and find the one with the profile you want to keep. Copy the entry and paste it over the new domain users account in the same field (eg. c:\>documents and settings\newdomainusername OR C:\Users\yourNEWloginname)

  9. Restart the your PC and login as the new domain user and you will have all the same settings PC etc.

In a summary, what we have done above is forcing the PC to use the old profile. The domain user must have sufficient permission to perform above tasks (domain or local administrator right).


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