Distribute TeamViewerQS.exe using startup script

Following steps are relatively easy to distribute any content to Windows based workstation that part of the domain. We could consider two alternative options: 1. Add following scrip in “%systemroot%\SYSVOL\sysvol\yourdomain.local\scripts\usermapdrive.bat” .

Note. We can add anything.bat file into exiting Logon script or if you are not using any login script we just can enter the newly created .bat file here.

Example: if you are going add new .bat file in existing login script.

@echo off

net use N: \\yourdomain.local\data


Save following script to anything.bat file. (this script creates a folder in c:\ drive, called support and copy the teamvierQS.exe file on it.

@echo off

if exist “c:\support\ teamviewerQS exe” goto end

cd \

MD Support

xcopy \\fileserver\Support\teamviewerQS.exe c:\Support


OR——– Following script copied teamviewerQS exe to current user Desktop—-

@echo off
if exist “%userprofile%\desktop\Teamviewer.exe” goto end 



Option 2. To use GPO Logon script.

Click on Windows Start button and navigate to Administrative tools -> follow by click on Group Policy Management. (GPMC)

Mouse right click on your domain name (or you can create this on OU) and click on Create a GPO in this domain, and Link it here option.

Provide a name.

Right click on Name created aboe and click on Edit.. (Ensure Link Enabled is tick)

Navigate to User Configuration –> Windows Settings, then on Script (logon/logoff). Rright click on Logon and click Properties

Click on Show Files..

Above, copy your script file (eg. .bat) file in this location. When done with copy .bat file click on Add.. button

Click Browse.. button to locate copied script file

Click OK

Click OK. You’re done.

Please note: teamviewerQS.exe is executable file and it doesn’t require installation. It just run upon double click. So above any one of the technique could be used to distribute such content for Windows workstations.


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